Getting your Maxbi event profile created

Welcome to Maxbi, let's get your profile ready to measure your exhibits' success.

Welcome to Maxbi. Before you start measuring your exhibits' success, let's set up your event profile to have the benchmarks shown according to your unique business structure.   


When you first sign up for Maxbi, our onboarding team will set up and configure your company account according to your business needs. 


To view the benchmarks unique to your business structure, please share how you'd like your account to be structured. Maxbi allows you to group your exhibitions into multiple portfolios that report to different divisions accordingly. 


Comany structure chart for Maxbi

The portfolio setting entirely depends on your business structure. You can define your portfolios by the size of the events, geography, business units or functions. To view or edit your company's portfolio settings, click "Portfolio" from the dropdown menu.