Explori and MillionVerifier

In order to be able to verify email addresses that are uploaded into Explori, we are using a third-party supplier, MillionVerifier in order to do this. Doing so gives the benefits listed in this post but below is an outline of how the verification progress works:

  • Uploading emails into Explori: When you upload an email list, Explori will conduct checks to see if emails are valid (i.e. in the correct xxx@xxx.xxx format), duplicate in the list or survey, or if they have already been blacklisted. 

  • Emails transferred to MillionVerifier via API: Once you have named your list and saved it into your survey, Explori sends the list of the email addresses along with an ID for that user via API. 

  • Emails checked by MillionVerifier: A series of checks are performed by MillionVerifier - note that no emails are sent by MillionVerifier or Explori to users to verify that they exist. The expected time for this step is roughly 10 minutes for a small email list and roughly 45 minutes for a large email list (of around 75,000 records).

  • Results of verification transferred back to Explori via API: Once the checks are complete, the results of these checks are sent back to Explori. Any users who fail verification will be marked as 'Non-valid', for which can be downloaded for you to update your records as necessary. Otherwise you will be able to schedule and send survey emails to be distributed as soon as you would require them to be sent.