Assigning the right personnel to enter the exhibit data for a Maxbi entry

Populate your exhibition data at any stage.

We recommend gathering all necessary data from different stakeholders and appointing a single personnel responsible for entering all the information in a Maxbi exhibit entry, who might be your organization's Event Manager or Head of Events. 

There are two ways to allocate the exhibit data of a Maxbi exhibit entry. The first one would be right from creating a new Maxbi Exhibit Entry. Alternatively, you can assign the right personnel to enter the details later. To do so, click on the "Edit" icon of the Exhibit you'd like to enter on the Maxbi Homepage. Maxbi home - edit an exhibit entry

You'll be directed to the Allocation page to have the option to "Complete Maxbi Entry Now" or copy the link to the Maxbi entry and share that with the right personnel to populate the exhibit data. Share Maxbi entry link


The Event Manager (or the right personnel) will then have access to populate the key seven data points of the exhibition.

allocate Maxbi exhibit data